Why You Need To Know About The Biodiversity Impact Metric Tool

CO takes a look at the Biodiversity Impact Metric tool created by The Natural Capital Impact Group at CISL to give you the lowdown on how it can help your business.
Key Takeaways
  • Consider using this tool if you are a small business with limited resources who is keen to assess your business’ biodiversity impact.
  • Use as a starting point if you are a large brand with a substantial number of products and value chains to help make sourcing decisions.
  • Integrate with other sustainability tools and frameworks to make holistic decisions that take into account a range of factors including biodiversity.

The first step towards creating a biodiversity strategy is to understand your existing impact so that actions can be prioritised. But this is easier said than done. 

For large multinational brands with complex supply chains that source thousands of different materials from across the globe this presents a significant challenge. And for smaller brands with a more limited supply chain, the resources required to collect site specific data is equally prohibitive. 

This is where The Biodiversity I…

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Melanie Plank

Director of Content & Research at Common Objective

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