3D Business Suite

The playbook to succeeding in fashion business in three dimensions - combining commercial success with social and environmental goals.

Intro to 3D Business

What do we mean by three dimensional business? And how can you incorporate this strategy to futureproof your fashion business?

Sustainability Roadmaps

The vital steps your business needs to take to lay the foundations for success. From strategic reporting frameworks, to the importance of transparency, this is the place to get started.

Sourcing & Production

Sourcing and managing your supply chain, is one of the defining elements of a successful and sustainable fashion business. Get equipped with the knowledge, and insider-insight that will ensure you get it right.

Product Development

With 80% of a product's impact being determined at design phase, understanding your market and developing a product that meets their needs is a crucial part of building a 3D business.

Communications & Sales

Find out what buyers are really looking for and how sustainable marketing can be used to amplify brand positioning and more.

Common Objective

Welcome to Common Objective - your hub for sustainable fashion business.

You've been redirected here from the Ethical Fashion Forum website because, as of May 2018, EFF is supporting its network through this new, online platform that helps fashion professionals succeed in the most sustainable way.

On CO, you'll be able to find even more great content and connections to help you do fashion better.

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