Circular Fashion

Get up to speed on circular business models, materials and design principles via our suite of circular fashion content. Click below to enrol in our online training course on Circular Business Models, and discover the commercial, environmental and social opportunities of rental, repair, resale, remaking and recycling.


Circular is rapidly becoming a buzzword in the industry. We provide a quick guide to what it is, what it isn’t, and give a snapshot of industry trends.

Business Models

Discover how brands can stop resale becoming the new fast fashion, whether your brand should invest in resale and how tech platforms are changing the face of re-commerce.

Circular Design

Extending the lifespan and use of clothing is one of the most important ways we can reduce the environmental impact of clothing. Explore pioneering case studies and get practical guidance.

Circular Materials

Recycling is critical for closing the loop in fashion, but limitations of common recycling technologies have so far hindered progress. We take a look at recent technological breakthroughs.

Circular Training

Upskill yourself or your team in Circular Fashion by enrolling in the dedicated CO Training Credit Course on this topic. Organised into 4 modules and available on-demand.

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