Connecting The Dots Between Fashion, Farms & Biodiversity

Dr Katrina ole-MoiYoi, sustainable sourcing specialist at Kering talks about the role of fashion in biodiversity loss and what Kering is doing to bring about transformative change in the industry.

We tend to vividly remember the precise moments we receive certain news. I had one of these moments recently. It was a cold winter day in Paris in early 2019. I had just moved to France from sunny East Africa, and was standing in a chilly, cramped metro car, shoulder to shoulder with dozens of strangers. 

I grew up in Kenya, where ‘biodiversity’ is larger-than-life, and usually quite exciting.

Like those around me, I was flicking through the news on my phone. A front page story from the New Y…

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Katrina ole-MoiYoi

Sustainable Sourcing Specialist at Kering

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