CO brings together fashion industry leaders, from one end of the supply chain to the other, from all over the world. Here's what they say about CO:

“Make sustainability sexy and all women will want to buy it. CO is making sustainability an opportunity for businesses everywhere.”

Roland Mouret

“CO is a clever solution to big challenges in the fashion industry - and even bigger challenges facing our planet like climate change.”

Vivienne Westwood

Photography by KP Studios

“CO is the future. The timing is perfect.”

Amber Valletta

Photography by Craig McDean

“Finally - a platform for the entire fashion industry, bringing all the important information around sustainability into one place.”

Orsola de Castro

Co-founder, Fashion Revolution

“CO turns the challenge of sustainability into an exciting opportunity for businesses worldwide. I believe CO can revolutionise the global fashion and textile industries.”

Marci Zaroff

Ecofashion pioneer, Founder of Metawear Clothing

“CO is going to be huge. It takes away so much legwork, research, headache. The technology is so intuitive and user friendly. I’m recommending it to everyone I work with.”

Prama Bhardwaj

Founder, Mantis World (Global Apparel Supplier)

“I think the CO platform is ground breaking. It is an incredible tool for my business and my supplier network. Super easy to use, fast, simple… I’ve been telling all my connections to sign up.”

Jennifer Ewah

Founder of award-winning brand, Eden Diodati

“CO is exactly what brands like Vivienne Westwood need. There are no other platforms that compare.”

Brigitte Stepputtis

Head of Couture, Vivienne Westwood

“CO is an incredible platform and resource for suppliers - it will really raise the visibility of those who are leading the way.”

Paige Earlam

Head of Marketing, Plexus Cotton

“CO is a thought leader and enabler connecting best practice businesses across the world. We are very excited to engage with CO to deepen and widen our impact with marginalised cotton farmers and textile workers.”

Sreeranga Rajan

CEO, Dibella India - Leading Fairtrade organic manufacturer

“Sustainability is a hot topic; CO is going to give it staying power and drive action in the fashion industry.”

Candice Fragis

Buying Director, Farfetch

“Sustainability is the greatest creative challenge of our time and CO is a fantastic resource to support businesses on this journey.”

Christopher Raeburn

Common Objective

Welcome to Common Objective - your hub for sustainable fashion business.

You've been redirected here from the Ethical Fashion Forum website because, as of May 2018, EFF is supporting its network through this new, online platform that helps fashion professionals succeed in the most sustainable way.

On CO, you'll be able to find even more great content and connections to help you do fashion better.

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