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The Size of the Global Fashion Retail Market

Key Takeaways
  • The global retail apparel market is worth $1.4 trillion.
  • Footwear sales globally are worth $366 billion.
  • India is now the fifth largest market for fashion.
  • The UK fashion market is valued at $69 billion.

UPDATE February 2019

The value of the total fashion retail market, including footwear but excluding jewellery, is $1.78 trillion, a jump of 14% since our 2018 report. 

Apparel alone now has a global retail value of $1.4 trillion - that’s the equivalent of everyone on the planet, all 7.7 billion of us, each spending $231 on clothing in 2019.

However fashion spending is not equitably distributed. China continues to dominate as the world’s largest individual apparel & footwear market ($380bn), …