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MADE51 Launches Refugee Pledge at the House of Lords

On World Refugee Day, leading fashion brands joined MADE51, the global brand of refugee-made products launched by UNHCR, to hear how they can support refugees around the world.

Senior and c-suite representatives from Liberty, DKNY, Vivienne Westwood, The Very Group, New Look, Primark, Vogue, The White Company, Chloé, and Kering were amongst those that joined the roundtable event held at the House of Lords to hear first hand from MADE51 and the refugees and artisan groups they work with. 

Hosted by Baroness Young of Hornsey and Common Objective (CO), in partnership with UNHCR, the UN's refugee initiative and MADE51, delegates heard from a range of expert speakers who shared their insights into the role business can play in supporting refugees, worldwide.

The event culminated in the launch of an ambitious collective pledge to support refugees. 

Header Image: MADE51 products made in partnership with UNIQLO.

Interested in developing products with refugees? Find out how you can get involved

Chloé x MADE51

Christophe Bocquet, Director of CSR at French luxury fashion house, Chloé, spoke about the successful partnership between MADE51 and the Parisian label. The partnership drew upon the embroidery skills of Afghan women, living as refugees in neighbouring Pakistan and culminated in exclusive editions of the brand’s iconic Marcie and Woodie handbags. 

“It is not the solution but a solution that each and every one of us can engage with”.

Delegates also heard from Vicky Tennant, the UK representative for UNHCR who emphasised the role of business in creating sustainable livelihoods for the 110 million forcibly displaced people living around the world.

A different type of initiative

Breakout groups focused on supporting refugees as an organisation as well as making a commitment to craft artisan products with MADE51, one of the key themes to emerge from discussions. Training up artisans to work on bespoke projects takes time but this is also what makes working with MADE51 different to other initiatives. This isn’t a one-off development project but rather a trading partnership that has the potential to deepen over time and become fully integrated into any brand’s business to deliver long-lasting impact.

MADE51 products

What also makes MADE51 unique is the UNHCR staff and local representatives on the ground in the countries where the artisanal products are made. MADE51 always works with Fair Trade principles and with established businesses in each country and has a firm design-led focus ensuring product quality and design meets international standards. 

The skills and heritage that the refugee artisans bring with them also sets them and the business model apart. Using their indigenous skills means they do not compete for work with local artisans in their host country which was a key factor when establishing the MADE51 business model.

As World Fair Trade Organisation, Fair Trade expert, Christine Gent said “MADE51 is not the solution but a solution that each and every one of us can engage with”. Brands of any size can support refugees by taking the MADE51 Pledge. The pledge urges the private sector to utilise their supply chain and core business strengths to bring positive and lasting impact for refugees.

Interested in developing products with refugees? Find out how you can get involved


MADE51 Pledge

Businesses can join the pledge in one of three ways:

1. Annually ordering and delivering MADE51 products with aligned storytelling to your customer base. This can include MADE51-designed products, brand collaborations or product components. Companies and donors are also encouraged to explore cause-related marketing, corporate gifting and employee gifting. 

2. Contributing pro-bono support to MADE51’s ecosystem in areas such as marketing, design, logistics, operations or other areas of expertise.

3. Committing to annual funding dedicated to supporting refugee livelihoods through MADE51, to promote the growth and impact of this unique model.

Take the MADE51 Pledge

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A collective commitment to bring refugee craftmanship to the world