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CO Brand Leaders Summit 2021: Watch the Webinar Recordings

Watch back and download the presentations from the inaugural CO Brand Leaders Summit. Learn from the world's most iconic sustainable brands how to get Product-market fit right and create bestselling products that deliver sustainability impacts.

The CO Brand Leaders Summit 2021 brought together leaders from iconic brands at the forefront of best practice - from Pangaia, to Outland Denim, Allbirds, Raeburn, Bottletop and more to reveal how they have created bestselling products with impact. Watch the event recordings to hear insights and learnings from their founders and directors.

Header image: Bav Tailor

The Full Recording

Watch the whole summit including trends presentation, Lifestyle, Directional and Innovation Panels in this video. Or, scroll down to watch each panel separately.

Download the presentation slides from the day

  • 00.00 Introduction and trends
  • 10.27 Lifestyle panel
  • 1.04.40 Directional panel
  • 2.07.50 Innovation panel
  • 3.06.02 CO 2.0

Connect and network with speakers and event attendees in the CO Brand Leaders Summit Hub.

Watch the individual panels 

Introduction and Trends

Hear how Ath-flow - loungewear's more formal, drapey cousin -  is set to capitalise on the huge upsurge in homewear seen in 2020 and how sustainable brands can tap into some of next season's hottest trends, from eco hippy crochet looks to regenerative wool and patched and upcycled denim.

Panel 1: Lifestyle

Learn how Outland DenimRaeburn and Allbirds have used natural materials innovation and design simplicity to create standout products. 

"What we should be talking about is value, longevity and quality...we are by no means the cheapest t-shirt or parachute jacket or remade item out there but why would we want to be. That is not our value or our message as a company" Christopher Raeburn, founding CEO of RAEBURN

Panel 2: Directional

Hear how Bottletop, Osei Duro and Bav Tailor approach product development and have benefited from a direct-to-consumer business model and paid marketing whilst driving impact.

"It is so important for any designer or brand to have those absolute staples in your collection that speak to your DNA and speak to your mission" Cameron Saul, co-founder of Bottletop

Panel 3: Innovation 

Hear first hand from Pangaia and Elvis & Kresse about the importance of a product-first approach  and how prioritising your sustainability focus can ensure you achieve meaningful impact.

"You can't do everything so figure out what your priority is in terms of impact and drill down on that as much as you can." Christine Goulay, global director of Pangaia Science

"All our product development tends to be talking to people on the sales floor (of High St shops) and asking them what have you always sold - not what did you sell this year or last year,  but what items do people need all the time." Kresse Wesling, co founder of Elvis and Kresse

Introducing CO 2.0: Building a Community of Leaders 

Learn about the raft of new features included in our newly launched CO 2.0. From our online bite sized training courses - CO Training Credits to CO Create, which allows buyers to invite proposals for projects they are working on and suppliers to search and pitch for work that is a good fit for their business.

Connect and network with speakers and event attendees in the CO Brand Leaders Summit Hub.

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Melanie Plank

Director of Content & Research at Common Objective