Introducing CO Training Credits

CO Training Credits are bite-sized email training courses in sustainable fashion business, from circularity, to fabric sourcing, ethical production, and strategy. If you want to expand your expertise in sustainability best practice or build this into your business alongside commercial goals, CO Training Credits are for you. Upskill yourself or your team in strategy, sourcing, product, impact and more.

Visit the CO Training Credits Hub to access and sign up to training courses. 

Levelling the Fashion Industry Playing Field 

At Common Objective (CO) we believe that the individuals and businesses that put the time and effort into operating in an ethical and sustainable way should be rewarded in tangible ways that make a difference to them. 

For too long businesses seeking to operate more responsibly have been subject to higher costs, lower margins, certifications and other fees, and have found it more difficult to compete on price - often selling less as a result. 

That’s why the mission behind Common Objective is to support and reward sustainability - turning it from a cost to an opportunity. CO Training Credits are our next step on this mission. 

What are CO Training Credits? 

We have developed and launched over 300 resources and tools for our community, which get thousands of views every month. We believe that each view means something. Each person who reads CO content and accesses CO tools is better equipped to work in a more sustainable way, and better placed to make responsible decisions. But this upskilling takes time - and we believe that time should be rewarded.

CO Training Credits group CO content together into email training courses, at the end of which participants gain a CO Credit.  A CO Training Credit badge will be displayed on their individual profile and the business or businesses they are associated with on CO, as well as boosting the search ranking of any business they are linked with. 

CO Training Credits

CO Training Credit Partners

We are interested in working with partner organisations and experts to develop CO Training Credits in specific areas of focus, to meet the needs of defined target groups or geographical locations. If you would like to collaborate with CO on a Training Credit please get in touch

Accessing CO Training Credits

Visit the CO Training Credits Hub to access and sign up to training courses. 

Upgrade to any of our paid membership plans for full access to all CO Training Credits, and to display your achievements on your personal profile and any business profiles you are linked with.  

In case you need a further incentive to get those training credits under your belt, on your CV, or in front of your customers, we will be giving the first five businesses to gain three Training Credits dedicated promotion in the CO newsletter - landing in the inboxes of our 40,000+ industry members, buyers, and influencers. 

Which other training courses would you like to see here? We'd love to hear your opinion... 

We’re going to be launching more CO Training Credits and would love your help to get this right. Please take 2 minutes to rate the credits we are planning, or share your ideas on what is missing, through our CO Credits Wishlist Survey.

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Tamsin Lejeune

CEO & Founder at Common Objective