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CO Brand Leaders Summit 2021: Programme & Highlights

The inaugural Brand Leaders Summit brought together leaders from iconic sustainable brands at the forefront of best practice - from Pangaia, to Outland Denim, Allbirds, Raeburn, Bottletop and more. Watch the recordings to hear how they have achieved impact through outstanding, bestselling products. Learn how to apply winning sustainable product strategies to your own business.

Watch the event recordings 

Access the recordings, highlights and trend slides for all parts of the summit, including Sustainable Product Trends, Lifestyle Panel, Innovation Panel, and more, on the link below.  All content and downloads from this event are free for PRO members of CO.  PRO membership gives you asccess to all CO events, PRO content, and Training Credits, unlimited connections on the site, and more. 

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Event Highlights 

1. Trends and opportunities: Through a trends presentation and from the founders of Outland Denim, Elive & Kresse and Pangaia, learn about  which products are trending and market opportunities for sustainable fashion products now. 

2. Product development and marketing: Hear the inside story from Allbirds, Bottletop and Raeburn on how their bestselling products were conceived, developed and marketed to stand out from the competition. 

3. impact: Hear how Elvis and Kresse has donated over £200,000 to charity whilst creating stunning product ranges, how Outland Denim is breaking a cycle of poverty and how Pangaia is innovating with groundbreaking new materials with a positive impact on the environment. 

Watch the recordings

Image: Bottletop Together Campaign

Meet our speakers

Hear first hand how leaders of the industry have achieved success by watching the recordings. We were thrilled to be joined at our Brand Leaders Summit by:

  • James Bartle, CEO of Outland Denim
  • Christine Goulay, Global Director of Pangaia Science
  • Jodie Soussan, Managing Director Europe, Allbirds
  • Cameron Saul, Co-Founder of Bottletop
  • Christopher Raeburn, Founder of Raeburn
  • Kresse Wesling, Co-founder of Elvis & Kresse
  • Bav Tailor, Founder of Bav Tailor

See the speakers 


The Programme

Hear the inside story from sustainable brand leaders as we deep dive into their winning product strategies. 

  •  Introduction - Sustainable fashion product trends 
  • Panel 1: Lifestyle Panel with Outland Denim, Allbirds and Raeburn
  • Panel 2: Directional Panel with Bottletop, Osei Duro and Bav Tailor
  • Panel 3:- Innovation Panel with Pangaia and Elvis & Kresse 
  • Introducing CO 2.0 - building a community of leaders

Watch the recordings

Image: Bav Tailor

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Image: Pangaia

The Summit Event Hub

Brand Leaders summit brought together pioneers, leaders and influencers from across the fashion sector, sharing their insights on how to get product-market fit right and create outstanding sustainable products that change lives. 

By visiting the hub you will have a chance to see who participated in the summit so that you can connect and network with the participants and speakers. 

Visit the Brand Leaders Hub

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