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The Top 6 Takeaways From CO Brand Leaders Summit 2021

Access the key learnings from our inaugural Brand Leaders Summit, including product strategy insights from Pangaia, Allbirds, Bottletop, Raeburn, Outland Denim, Bav Tailor and Elvis & Kresse. Learn from leaders how to balance wholesale and direct-to-consumer, how to drive and manage sustainable growth, how to communicate your values through pricing, create bestselling perennial products...and more.

We were thrilled to be joined by some of fashion's most iconic sustainable brands at our inaugural CO Brand Leaders Summit 2021. We talked about product innovation strategies, getting product-market fit right and how to drive, manage and sustain growth.  

Read on below for a summary of 6 key learnings from the event. 

Highlights Video (12 mins)

CO's Director of Content, Melanie Plank, introduces key learnings from the event in this video. 

For all the detail, access the full recordings …

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Melanie Plank

Director of Content & Research at Common Objective