Why Collaboration Is The Key To Success For Filippa K

Will employing a Fabric Manager be cost effective in the long run? Find out how Filippa K's Jodi Everding works both internally and with suppliers to meet environmental and financial goals.

When Filippa Knutsson founder her eponymous label in 1993, her aim was to make a brand with substance and truth; one that didn’t slavishly follow the fast trends of the fashion industry. Fast forward twenty five years and it’s one of the most successful eco-focused brands out there, known for its chic, minimal separates, casual tailoring, easy-to-wear muted colour palette, and use of innovative, sustainable fabrics.

Jodi Everding joined the brand in the role of Fabric and Trim Manager in 2016,…

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Hannah Rochell

freelance fashion journalist at En Brogue/freelance

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