How to Choose the Most Eco-Friendly Fabric For Your Garment

Choosing the most eco-friendly fabric is a complex process involving different data sets and tools. This guide seeks to de-mystify the fabric selection process, so that you can make the right choice for your business. We’ll start by highlighting why it’s important to choose the right fabric. Then we’ll unpack the tools and data that you need in your toolkit to help discover the most eco-friendly fabric to meet your sustainability goals.

Now more than ever, the message on climate change is that it is urgent, it needs more ambition and none of us can say we weren’t warned. This is not just down to countries – industries and businesses need to act too. 

How you go about selecting the most eco-friendly fabric for your design is tricky but is achievable. There is no silver-bullet answer. 

As a major energy consumer and greenhouse gas emitter, fashion has a huge role to play. There are many ways and many people eager to make fashi…

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