Circular Fashion

The Tech Platforms Changing the Face of Resale

Meet Reskinned and Reloved, the tech platforms making resale frictionless for both brands and shoppers. Discover how white label resale solutions are offering brands easy access to re-commerce.


The team at Reskinned wants to change our behaviour. Co-founder Matt Hanrahan explains their mission to set a gold standard for circularity and make it really easy for people and brands to shop preloved. Matt believes it’s a huge opportunity, adding “imagine if 30 percent of the population chose to buy 20 percent of their wardrobe secondhand. What would that change?”

A 360 degree solution

To help us along the way Reskinned have created a consumer centric technology solution design…

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Gemma Metheringham

Creative Director/Founder at The Elephant in my Wardrobe