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Suppliers: Use CO to Succeed in the New Covid-19 Reality

As we edge closer to the first inaugural CO Expo in July, we take some time to explain how suppliers, in particular, can get the most out of the event and use CO to flourish in this new Covid-19 reality.
Key Takeaways
  • Learn about CO Expo and how CO can help suppliers thrive during Covid-19
  • Three sourcing trends in high demand in the wake of the pandemic
  • How to get exposure to the right buyers on CO 
  • Discover how to put the spotlight on you and your network, to ramp up your visibility on CO

In this webinar, we hear from Head of Suppliers Andy Showell-Rogers, Head of Global Partnerships Laurent-Frédéric Lohmann, Head of Community Mariel Jumpa and Ralph Goodstone our fashion industry expert who has over 50 years of experience in leadership roles with brands and suppliers. 

We discuss...

The New Reality - 3 Sourcing Trends in Response to Covid-19

As the world resurfaces from Covid-19, we are seeing 3 sourcing trends emerge in fashion. First is the chill factor, a direct result of many of us now working from home. Closely linked to this is the new dress up in which brands and consumers will be looking for a more blended approach to formal wear that will incorporate casual aspects. The third trend, sustainability innovation, comes from reports that sustainability has significantly moved up in the fashion agenda.  Ralph Goodstone remarks, ‘One of the most important areas is within design, you have to strengthen your design offer...delving deeper into what is happening in the markets. The only way you can find that out is by discussions with your respective buyers’.

What Sets CO Expo 2021 Apart?

At CO we are using our match-making technology to encourage global networking, did you know:

Your CO profile is a matching profile - this means you will get matched with other individuals, businesses and resources with similar visions, helping you work more efficiently and effectively.  At CO Expo we will be running virtual networking events, including webinars based on the sourcing themes, specific sourcing masterclasses and curated breakout sessions.  

As a business, your ranking on CO is dependent on how sustainable your operations are - the more sustainable your business is, the higher your search ranking. To further support you on your sustainability journey, we have over 300 pieces of content, training and resources available throughout the Expo, head to our learn page to access useful tools. 

The Journey of a Brand/Buyer on CO

Our Head of Suppliers, Andy Showell-Rogers guides us through the journey of a brand/buyer when searching for suppliers on the CO platform. Andy explains how a buyer goes about finding suppliers, emphasising that your sustainability ranking is the most important aspect in boosting your potential client views on CO.

Showcase your business at CO Expo

If you are a supplier we encourage you to apply to exhibit at the event.  By doing so you will be able to showcase your business at CO Expo; have full access to all CO resources and training for a year; plus a premium business profile and unlimited connections. Alternatively, you may like to register as a partner, in which case you will have the opportunity to headline an event at CO Expo, gain promotion in association with our award winning content, or have a sourcing hub dedicated to your work on CO. To find out more and register, visit our CO Expo pages.

About CO Expo

For the first time, Common Objective (CO) is showcasing leaders from across our global supplier base from fabrics to factories, and matching them with buyers and brands, through the inaugural CO Expo. The event will bring together thousands of professionals and business owners committed to a common objective - great fashion products - made sustainably.

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