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CO Expo: Use CO to Source and Succeed during Covid-19

With the first-ever CO Sourcing Expo fast approaching, we guide you through how the Expo can help you source, thrive and succeed in the post-pandemic world.
Key Takeaways
  • Understanding the core features of the CO platform
  • Learn about CO Expo and how CO can help you to prosper during Covid-19
  • The top three sourcing trends in response to the pandemic 
  • Santi Mallorqui Gou CEO of Organic Cotton Colours, on how they have been successful during Covid 
  • Your CO Expo questions answered

In this webinar, we hear from CO’s founder Tamsin Lejeune, Head of Community Mariel Jumpa, Head of Suppliers Andy Showell-Rogers and special guest Santi Mallorqui Gou, CEO of Organic Cotton Colours (OCC).

We discuss…

CO Expo: 4 Features That Set Us Apart

We are building on CO's match-making technology and leveraging our global network:

  1. Your CO profile is a matching profile - you will get matched with other individuals, businesses and content to help you operate better 
  2. At CO Expo we will be running virtual networking events, such as webinars based on sourcing themes, specific sourcing masterclasses and breakout sessions 
  3. Our key intention at CO is to take sustainability from a cost to an opportunity. As a business, your ranking on CO is dependent on how sustainable your operations are
  4. To further support you on your sustainability journey, we have over 300 pieces of content, training and resources available throughout the Expo

The New Reality - 3 Sourcing Trends 

As we emerge from Covid-19, we have recognised 3 major sourcing trends in fashion. First is the chill factor, resulting from the increase in loungewear and casual wear as many of us are working from home. With an inevitable party boom as restrictions ease, our second trend is the new dress up, we are seeing some exciting collections from the likes of Mara Hoffman and The New Denim Project. The third trend, sustainability innovation, is a real positive that we can take from the pandemic - with a McKinsey & Company report showing that sustainability has significantly moved up in the fashion agenda.

In Conversation with Santi Mallorqui Gou, CEO of Organic Cotton Colours

Organic Cotton Colours have been hugely successful during the pandemic. Santi, OCC's CEO, explains that at the beginning of the crisis it was all about “trying to do the same thing as you were doing” but there were of course difficult moments in the adjustment period. Despite the situation, Organic Cotton Colours saw an increase in their turnover of 40% in 2020 and a general increase in the interest in organic cotton. Santi says that “sustainability is a reality” and that “organic cotton is the first option chosen by brands that want to switch to sustainable production”. Santi then goes on to discuss OCC's new project, the OCC Market - a digital platform that targets SMEs seeking low MOQs.  

Your Expo Questions Answered 

At the end of the webinar, we run through what you can expect as a visitor, the benefits of exhibiting and give details on our partner packages - all of which you can access via our Expo pages.  

About CO Expo

For the first time, Common Objective (CO) is showcasing leaders from across our global supplier base from fabrics to factories, and matching them with buyers and brands, through the inaugural CO Expo. The event will bring together thousands of professionals and business owners committed to a common objective - great fashion products - made sustainably.

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