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Reinventing Upcycling for the Luxury Market - DesignBlender

Hear how upcycling can be reinvented with couture sensibilities for the luxury market as we catch-up with UK based atelier DesignBlender.

DesignBlender's mission

Designer Alexa Papavasileiou created DesignBlender to change behaviours and inspire the fashion community with her elevated approach to remaking clothes. With Giambattista Valli, Lanvin and Chloé on her résumé, she brings her knowledge and experience of working in luxury fashion to the world of remaking. 

Her mission is to give clothes a second, or third, life by taking them apart, blending them, reinventing them and creating a completely new product. And her work is g…

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Gemma Metheringham

Creative Director/Founder at The Elephant in my Wardrobe