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How to Turn Upcycling Into a Successful Business

There are an increasing number of designers and established brands embracing upcycling but it can be a challenging business model to work at scale. We look at the market opportunity and the strategies brands can adopt to turn remaking into a successful business.

The growing number of upcycling brands

A growing community of upcyclers want to turn fashion on its head and turn unwanted old or waste clothing into a huge trend. Innovative creatives like E.L.V DENIM, Emeka Suits, Patrick McDowell, Chelsea Bravo Studio, La Reunion Studio, White Weft, Rave Review, Bettter, Stan Clothing, Lydia Bolton, Selina Sanders, DesignBlender, Helen Kirkum and Needles JP are remaking discarded apparel and textiles into highly covetable new clothes.

Brands and businesses…

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Gemma Metheringham

Creative Director/Founder at The Elephant in my Wardrobe