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Masterclass: Sustainable Fabric Innovations

Each Masterclass in our series takes a deep dive into a pressing sustainability topic, providing an overview of the solutions on offer as well as talking to business leaders to find out how they overcame the challenges in their business. For this masterclass we take a closer look at the most innovative sustainable fashion solutions coming to market.

Confused about what biofabrication is? Not sure what is meant by regenerative agriculture? Keen to find out what the upcoming sustainable fibre and fabric trends will be? Then this masterclass is for you. 

We give you the low-down on the most exciting fabric innovations, explaining in simple terms what they are and why we think they will be game-changing for the fashion and textile industry going forward. 

We discuss…

We spoke to Amanda Johnston, curator of Future Fabrics Expo, the leading…

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Melanie Plank

Director of Content & Research at Common Objective