Sustainable Sourcing

Sourcing Excellence: How to build your sustainable supplier base

We convene industry experts, practitioners, and the CO team to share recommendations on sourcing best practice, and introduce how brands and buyers can use CO and CO Expo to grow successfully and sustainably.
Key Takeaways
  • Learn about what we do at CO and how CO Expo can help you during the new Covid-19 reality 

  • An introduction to the CO Expo Exhibitors Hub, where you can find all of the inspiring businesses who will showcase their work at Expo

  • Insights from experts and practitioners

In this webinar, we hear from CO’s founder Tamsin Lejeune, Head of Suppliers Andy Showell-Rogers and Ralph Goodstone, our resident fashion industry expert with 50+ years of experience in leadership roles with brands and suppliers. Additionally, we welcome four guest speakers from our community, who are leaders in their industries. Corban Bryant from Purnaa Enterprises, Shari Keller from Mehera Shaw, Vinay Killa from Citrus Fashions and Alessia Gotti from AG Textiles.  

We discuss…

What is CO Expo & Why Are We Running It?

For the first time at CO we are bringing together all of our brilliant suppliers and directly connecting them with our brand base - CO Expo will host this opportunity to connect and network.  At the heart of CO is the amazing global community we have built and continue to build, so at CO Expo virtual networking events are the focus, offering direct interaction via webinars, masterclasses and curated breakout sessions. 

The Launch of the CO Expo Exhibitor Hub

Head of Suppliers, Andy Showell-Rogers guides us through the exciting new CO Expo Exhibitor Hub, a space on CO dedicated to all the businesses set to exhibit at the Expo. So far we have a really interesting mixture of businesses on the hub who are geographically diverse and range from manufacturers to material suppliers, to consultancies. To learn more and connect with these businesses, visit the CO Expo Exhibitor Hub

Sustainable Sourcing Recommendations

Our resident fashion industry expert Ralph Goodstone, shares his insights and experience with successful sourcing. Ralph places emphasis on the need for a ‘good product’, whether you be a brand or a supplier, the importance of a good product is the basis for good business. Expanding on this, he encourages businesses to build up their ‘know-how’ and understand the fashion industry and the issues you may face - the issues of seasonality, the fluctuation of fashion, quality and logistics. Once you have absorbed this knowledge, you can then start to define your sustainability ethics.  

Sourcing Excellence from Leaders in the Industry

It was a privilege to hear from four members of our CO community, each offering a brief summary of their business and advice. Corban Bryant is director of Purnaa Enterprises a social enterprise, fairtrade cut and sew manufacturer based in Nepal, specialising in helping brands get a professional cut and sew manufacturing service. Corban’s one piece of advice for brands is to invest in one specific category with their supplier. Vinay Killa is the managing director of Citrus Fashions, a brand and supplier based in India, with a sustainable focus on keeping things local and employing traditional artisans. Vinay highlights that his business’s USP is to be involved with buyers from as early as the development stage, enabling clarity between both parties. Shari Keller is the founder of Mehera Shaw, a fair trade full-service manufacturer located in Jaipur, India. Shari advises that transparency in communication and building a relationship with your supplier are key to maintaining long-term bonds and success. Alessia Gotti is the owner of AG Textiles, a sustainable textile consultancy based in London. Alessia, herself, is an expert in sourcing sustainable textiles and founded AG Textiles with goals to produce ethically and provide radical transparency.

Curated Breakout Rooms 

Towards the end of this webinar, we introduced four breakout rooms that allowed for more intimate discussions and questions surrounding four areas. Hosting Materials Sourcing were Tamsin Lejeune and Alessia Gotti; in The Chill Factor were Mariel Jumpa, Ralph Goodstone and Vinay Killa; in The New Dress Up were Laurent-Frédéric Lohmann, Corban Bryant and Shari Keller; and hosting Succeed on CO was Andy Showell-Rogers. Breakout sessions will be a key aspect at CO Expo, providing virtual, live spaces for groups to discuss specific topics. 

About CO Expo

For the first time, Common Objective (CO) is showcasing leaders from across our global supplier base from fabrics to factories, and matching them with buyers and brands, through the inaugural CO Expo. The event will bring together thousands of professionals and business owners committed to a common objective - great fashion products - made sustainably.

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