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CO Expo 2021: Access the Webinar Recordings

Watch back and download the presentations from the inaugural CO Expo. Meet the industry’s pioneers, learn from suppliers and brands who are leading in their field, find the fabrics and manufacturers you have been searching for, and achieve your sustainable sourcing goals.

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Day 1: Material Innovation

The Leading Edge - Latest Innovation in Sustainable Materials

The latest innovation in sustainable materials - including an introduction to leaders in the field and suppliers offering innovative solutions. In partnership with Global Green.

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The Fabric Shop 

We introduce fabric suppliers and platforms that offer a wide range of sustainable fabrics and sustainable fabric sourcing services to meet your needs. In partnership with Recyctex.

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Day 2: Production Solutions

Full package production: Design Edge

If you are producing ranges with a design edge, this is the session for you. Discover brilliant suppliers from around the world and get an update on sustainable design trends. In partnership with Dibella.

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Full package production: Sport/Chill Out 

For anyone tapping into the exponential growth of casual, sport and lounge wear catalysed by Covid-19.  Find suppliers leading in the field.

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Day 3: Pioneers and Changemakers

Impact Pioneers- Low MOQ

We know how challenging it can be when minimum order quantities (MOQ) stop you in your tracks. Watch this session to learn from others how they got past the MOQ dilemma - and meet the suppliers supporting pioneering brands at the beginning of their journey.

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The New Artisanal

Artisan production has never been more exciting. Hear how artisan suppliers and the brands they work with are innovating to combine impact with profit.

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Day 4: Big Impact

Impact at Scale

Hear how some of fashion’s biggest players have integrated sustainability into their supply chains. Meet the suppliers that are innovating at scale and learn how they can help you. In partnership with Evolv.

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Future Pack - Packaging and Components

Unsustainable packaging across the fashion industry has an enormous negative impact. Get an introduction to the trends and initiatives that are changing packaging for the better. Discover suppliers of sustainable components, labels and other extras that can increase your positive sourcing impact. In partnership with Better Packaging & ITL.

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Day 5: Authentic Luxury

Luxury fabrics and production

Get an update on latest trends in sustainable luxury and meet the suppliers who can help you achieve your goals. In partnership with Cocccon.

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Jewellery & accessories

Meet and connect with pioneers and leaders in sustainable jewellery and accessories.

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Learn more about the companies exhibiting at CO Expo - Visit the Exhibitor Hub

Day 6: Latin American Sourcing Showcase

An introduction to the opportunities for sustainable and ethical sourcing from Latin America, with a showcase of pioneering suppliers from across the continent. In partnership with Slow Fashion World.

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Interested in taking a closer look at CO's South American exhibitors? We have partnered with Slow Fashion World to launch the Latin American Hub - a community of artisan suppliers, manufacturers, brands and producer groups committed to offering the best of #MadeinLatinAmerica. 

Day 7: Sourcing the Future - Sustainability Innovation at Scale with PDS Multinational 

In partnership with leading global supplier PDS Multinational, we share with you the latest in innovation for best practice in sustainable fashion production. Including the inside stories on how some of the worlds leading brands have innovated for good, and with an introduction to the pioneering tech and sustainability solutions that PDS is supporting through its accelerator fund - with the goal of transforming practices for the better across the fashion industry. 

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Visit the PDS Innovation Hub on CO

PDS Multinational is a design-led sourcing and manufacturing platform catering to the world's leading global fashion brands and retailers. This hub showcases PDS factories plus the pioneering tech and sustainability solutions that PDS is backing.

Explore the companies exhibiting at CO Expo

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