CO Brand Leaders Summit 2022: The Programme

This year’s CO Brand Leaders Summit was focused on circular fashion. We heard from some of fashion’s most pioneering brands about how they overcame obstacles to innovate circular products and integrate circular thinking into their business.

Re-live Brand Leaders 22

CO Brand Leaders Summit 2022 took place on the 2nd November 2022. Experience the whole event through recordings, summaries, and supporting resources.

Re-live Brand Leaders 22

The Programme

1.  Setting the Scene

Summit opening with CO's CEO and Founder, Tamsin Lejeune, in conversation with Rebecca Earley, Professor of Circular Design Futures at the University of the Arts London. Presenting the CO Circular Fashion Survey Trends Snapshort and scene setting by CO's director of content and training, Melanie Plank.

2. Product Design for Circularity 

  • 2.1: How to get circular design right. With Laura Balmond, fashion initiative lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
  • 2.2: Developing fabrics and products using waste materials for the luxury market. With Natalia Culebras Cruz, head of sustainable design at Dior Homme.
  • 2.3:  Circular products that change lives. With Chiara Tufano, product and raw materials developer for accessories at Vivienne Westwood and Christine Gent, fair trade expert for the WFTO working on the UNHCR initiative MADE51.
  • 2.4: How to re-design for emotional and physical endurance. With Alexa Papavasileiou, creative director and founder of DesignBlender.

3. Circular Materials 

  • 3.1: The circular material innovations you need to know about. With Charlie Bradley Ross, founder of Offset Warehouse and Sustainable Fashion Collective.
  • 3.2: How to create circular accessories from next generation plastic-free, plant based leather. With Luke Haverhals, founder of Natural Fiber Welding and Joey Pringle, co-founder of Veshin Factory.
  • 3.3: How to integrate circular materials into your supply chain. With Alessia Gotti, textile consultant and co-founder of RoundRack.

4. Circular Business Models 

  • 4.1: Circular business models: revealing the commercial and sustainable opportunities for brands. With Gemma Metheringham, former creative director of Label/mix at and Karen Millen, and Common Objective contributor 
  • 4.2: Resale done right: discover the 360 degree resale solution, offering take back, re-commerce and end-of-life recycling. With Matt Hanrahan, co-founder of Reskinned and Adele Gingell, senior positive impact manager at Finisterre.
  • 4.3: Greening rental: why getting garment aftercare right is crucial. With Dr Kyle Grant, founder and CEO of Oxwash and Jack Zuliani, co-founder of Garmst
  • 4.4: Mending matters: building product longevity and customer loyalty. With Madeleine Michell, social conscience communications officer at Toast.

Hear from Dior Homme, Vivienne Westwood, Natural Fiber Welding, Toast and more

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Who is this event for? 

- Designers, buyers, product developers & sourcing managers

- Business leaders and CSR professionals

- Anyone wanting to hear about the latest circular fashion innovations and discover circular fashion solutions providers

You'll be in good company

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Re-live Brand Leaders 22

Re-live Brand Leaders 22

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Melanie Plank

Director of Content & Research at Common Objective