6 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Stylist For Your Next Shoot

Key Takeaways
  • Hire a professional. Stylists not only create looks but will shape the creative direction of a shoot and offer a fresh pair of eyes that can take your brand imagery to the next level.
  • Clear communication and a concise brief are key. Without being able to communicate what you need and want, your stylist will struggle to deliver it. 
  •  If you’re a brand on a modest budget, be prepared to be agile and offer support with sourcing props and accessories.

For the majority of early stage fashion brands, e-commerce as well as Instagram are not just important touch points but the main way customers interact with their brand. Brand imagery and especially lookbooks are therefore an essential tool in engaging and converting customers. 

We caught up with stylist Alice Wilby to get her top tips on styling lookbooks. Wilby, alongside Khandiz Joni's company A Novel Approach offers styling, hair and make-up, and creative direction services. They specialis…