Getting It Right: Lookbook Imagery On A Budget

Key Takeaways
  • Hire professionals. DIY shoots may be cheap in the short term but will cost you money in terms of brand image, credibility and marketing return-on-investment.
  • Prepare by scouting locations, taking test shots, and create thorough mood boards from hair and make-up to lighting and locations to ensure the entire narrative works and is on brand.
  • Don’t let the creative concept overshadow the clothes. Ensure details and fabrics are effectively showcased.

The need to save money often prompts early stage labels to skimp when it comes to photographing their collections. Although understandable, the overwhelming message from insiders is – don’t skimp on hiring professionals! 

“In this digital age these images will be immortal,” warns sustainable fashion stylist and co-creative director at A Novel Approach, Alice Wilby. “You buy cheap, you buy twice.”

Natural light used by Henri London | source Henri London

Rachel Manns is a fashion photographer …