Circular Fashion

Top 5 Takeaways From CO Brand Leaders Summit 22 on Circular Fashion

Discover the key takeaways from CO Brand Leaders Summit on circular fashion. From product design for circularity to circular materials and business models - we heard from leading experts, pioneering brands and solution providers about what it takes to apply circular principles in practice.

1. Seven tips for brands to go circular 

Professor Rebecca Earley,  chair of circular design futures and co-founder of centre for circular design at Chelsea College of Arts shared her top 7 tips for brands to go circular.

  1. Be content with circular-ish (full circularity is challenging. Don't wait until you have a perfect solution - make a start where you can)

  2. Have a plan that links to carbon reduction 

  3. Consider what you are making now in light of tech development which will mean that in 10 year…

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