Podcast: Fashion Revolution's Sarah Ditty

Wardrobe Crisis is the podcast that unzips fashion's issues, presented by Vogue Australia's Sustainability Editor-at-Large, Clare Press. In it she interviews industry leaders to talk ethics, sustainability, and the business and madness of fashion - from who made your clothes to how they impact on the environment, to the politics of personal style.

You’re going to meet Fashion Revolution’s Head of Policy, Sarah Ditty. Sarah has a wealth of insights the big issues around ethical and sustainable fashion today, from modern slavery to living wages through sustainable fabrics and fashion waste to extending the life of our clothes.

Why do these things matter? What can you do to help? How far have we come, and what sort of fashion industry would be like to create for our future?

Find out how Sarah started out, where her passion for social just…

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Clare Press

Sustainability Editor-at-Large at Vogue Australia