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Impact Catalyst Business Models: SeeMe

In this interview, we talk to Caterina Occhio, the founder and CEO of SeeMe, a Netherlands-based jewellery brand that has successfully managed to bring fashion and fair trade principles together in its mission-driven business operation. Caterina shares with us her insight on creating a successful alternative business model which has achieved financial success while creating real impact for the lives of women survivors of violence in Tunisia.

1. How does your business model work in relation to revenue and the people behind your products, as well as the environment? What makes you different?

Our business model is based on the positive discrimination of an especially disadvantaged group. All our jewellery hearts are handcrafted by women survivors of violence. We hire the women based on the recommendation of a local NGO in Tunisia, the Amal Association, which runs one of the few women’s shelters in the country. 

Environmental sustain…

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