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CO Expo: Sustainability

CO's buyer network is united by a Common Objective - they want to design and source great, sustainable products. That's why we expect our exhibitors to meet high sustainability standards, and to communicate these through their CO profile.

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CO’s Sustainability Leadership Criteria

Our sustainability criteria are based upon six leadership qualities, set out below. Businesses need to meet at least four out of these six criteria, including no. 1 and no 3., to exhibit in CO Expo.

All of these criteria can be demonstrated and met through completing your business profile on CO. They match the criteria needed to qualify for a CO Leadership Award. Creating a business profile on CO automatically gives you the opportunity to earn a Leadership Award, boosting your business ranking on the site.

  1. Mission: Sustainability and ethical best practice as a core principle, enshrined within the company's mission.
  2. Business model: Companies whose revenue and profit model maximises benefits to people and minimises impact on the environment. For example, encouraging sustainable consumption of long lasting / quality products/ repair/ rental/ profit sharing/ donations to charitable causes.
  3. Products / Services: Businesses that offer well designed, high quality products and services that maximise benefits to people and minimise impact on the environment.
  4. Impact: Businesses that can demonstrate clear and specific positive impact on people/environment through their operations.
  5. Roadmap: Businesses that have or are building a roadmap towards specific sustainability goals and outcomes in the future.
  6. Communications: Businesses that use their communications and reach to raise awareness, change behaviour, and impact the industry as a whole. For example through sharing the story behind their products, marketing, events, or collaboration with industry campaigns.

CO Expo puts the spotlight on sustainable suppliers to the fashion industry.

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