Expert Picks: 5 Innovative Sustainable Fabrics You Need to Know

Dr Kate Goldsworthy is a woman in the know when it comes to innovation and sustainability in textiles. Not only is she Reader in Circular Textile Design at University of the Arts London she is also a lead researcher at the Textile Futures research Centre (TFRC). Here are five of her top picks.

1. A.S.A.P Paper Cloth

Kate says “This is a project I am currently working on with colleague Kay Politowicz and scientist Hjalmar Granberg in Sweden for the Mistra Future Fashion programme. 

We are trying to develop a ‘non woven cellulose’ material for fashion use, produced with Swedish paper making technology and designed to be recovered through industrial recycling or composting.

Many sustainable fashion innovations are looking at longevity and we wanted to address the massive challenge o…

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