Brands Are More Transparent But Is It Making A Difference?

Global fashion brands are more committed to sustainability than ever before but what impact is this having on workers and producers. We take a look at the Fashion Transparency Index and the Ethical Fashion Report and ask, where next?

Six years on from the Rana Plaza building collapse that killed over 1,000 garment workers it can seem as if some progress is being made.

Certainly the fashion industry is waking up to sustainability. The newly launched Vogue Business has a Sustainability Editor, Drapers’ sustainability conference was so oversubscribed that guests were spilling out the doors, and businesses like Allbirds and Rent the Runway are setting a new standard for sustainable commercial success.

The 2019 Fashion Transpa…

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Clare Lissaman

Head of Oxfam Advisory Services at Oxfam and 3 others