Why I’m A Fashion Revolutionary

Fashion industry insiders are joining in in working for a better fashion industry. Here, Subindu Garkhel reflects on how her work with factories in India and Bangladesh and her current role as Cotton Product Manager for Fairtrade have led her to ask #whomakesmyclothes.

As a girl growing up in India, clothes for me meant those made with love by my mother from the cloth that we bought from the local shop in the vibrant colours and fabrics that caught our eye.  

As I grew up and times changed, clothes changed to those made in fabrics, styles and colours that the ‘experts’ forecast as ‘trends’ rather than those hand made by my mother and I. 

I think we have become a step away from the process, but we have also become further away from those countless faceless p…

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Subindu Garkhel

Cotton Product Manager at Fairtrade Foundation and 1 other