5 Signs A Business Is Serious About Sustainability

How to tell a truly ethical business apart from one set-up for window dressing? Erinch Sahan, CEO of the WFTO, and former Head of Oxfam’s Future of Business Initiative, shares his thoughts with CO.
Key Takeaways
  • Picking and choosing convenient ethical practices is not the same as being an ethical business.
  • Embedding social and environmental sustainability into your business’ DNA is.
  • The businesses that do this have a greater positive impact on people and planet.

World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) Summit: 16-19 September, Peru.

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After 7 years at Oxfam campaigning and partnering with companies to spread sustainable practices, I found that most businesses merely pick and choose the ethical practices that are convenient and expedie…

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Erinch Sahan

Business and Enterprise Lead at Doughnut Economics Action Lab

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