Living Wage Tools for Fairer, More Productive Supply Chains

We round up the 14 most useful tools and guides that can help you drive change in your supply chains, from leading living wage methodologies to global data on monthly wages and benchmarks.

Updated 2022

Living Wage Toolkits & Guides

1. Good for a full approach

Living Wage Toolkit - Fair Wear Foundation

The Fair Wear Foundation works with brands and industry influencers to improve garment making working conditions. This toolkit has a series of tools that guide you through:

  • Understanding how buying prices relate to wages
  • Knowing where the money will come from to pay higher wages
  • Knowing how to ensure the money does contribute to increased wages
  • Worker involvement in wage (and …

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Clare Lissaman

Head of Oxfam Advisory Services at Oxfam and 3 others