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Natalie Bird 

engineer at Miss


United Kingdom 


Mallory Curlee-Green 

Director of Production & Design at

I specialize in design & development, perfecting t... 

Austin, United States 


Lavie Ou 

Consultant at OuCo


United States 


Stine Foss 

Senioradvisor at Ethical Trading Initiative Norway




Caroline af Rosenborg 

Director at Caroline af Rosenborg

To build a sustainable brand with ethically source... 

London, United Kingdom 


austin lee 

founder & ceo at bettercorp


United States 


Anna Schuster 

Sustainable Fashion and Concept Designer at Hugo Boss




Alexia Ward 

Owner at Ms


United Kingdom 


Sia Rosmarino 

Product Manager at Consultancy


United Kingdom 


Georgina Hyatt 

Client Service at WGSN


United Kingdom 


Cherrilyn Lycah Baylon 

Export Consultant at Hinrich Foundation









Rosanna Tufo 

Researcher and Project Manager at Levin Sources


United Kingdom 


Bailey Lalonde 

Creative Director / CEO at Internationalizr


United Kingdom 


Bikash Kumar 

Director at Integrated Retail




Katie Barber 

Consultant at Accenture


United Kingdom 


Margaux Schleder 

Market analyst at DEDICATED.




Ting Lin 

Founder, Fashion Consultant, Stylist, Designer at THE TING TIMES

I am walking the path of fulfilling my dreams so t... 

Washington, United States 


Malcolm Williams 

Owner at Malwilliams Consultants


United Kingdom 


Priya Mani 

Stylist at PriyaManistylist


United States 

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