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What To Include In An Environmental Policy

An environmental policy addresses how a company manages and monitors its impact on the environment – both in its own operations and those of its supply chain. There is no set format but typically such policies cover use of energy and water, prevention of pollution, waste and recycling, and use of chemicals. As well as specific targets on reducing impact, a policy should also cover broader approaches to improving the environment such as changing work cultures, outreach and consumer behaviour.

Policies in general

Policies and procedures bring structure to a business, no matter how large or small. They provide direction and give an insight to the company’s values and standards. They also provide a framework that ensures staff and suppliers are clear about what to do and how to measure success or failure.  To cover an issue in a policy, the company should state what clearly what it will or will not tolerate as part of its business, what measures it takes to enforce this, and what it e…

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Clare Lissaman

Head of Oxfam Advisory Services at Oxfam and 3 others