The Market Opportunity for Ethical Eyewear

Key Takeaways
  • There remains a fleeting window of opportunity for players in eyewear to gain competitive advantage.
  • A growing segment of consumers will be prompted to act on their ethical leanings and opt for ethical or green frames. 
  • Use bio-acetate and reduce/re-capture waste during the production process. Also, consider 3D printing and waste reducing technologies for on-demand manufacture.
  • Create circular economy take-back programmes to rescue consumer waste from landfill.

Industries such as apparel and footwear have been periodically rocked by high-profile ecological and labour rights scandals. However, awareness of and action on ethics and sustainability in eyewear production are still underdeveloped. In Euromonitor’s 2017 Global Consumer Lifestyles Survey, 62% of consumers selected comfort as an influential feature, while 52% cited value for money.

As lower-priced frames flood developed markets, the value will remain significant but is likely to decline as a …