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Report Snapshot: Textiles 2030: Annual Progress Report 2022-23

A progress update on the state of sustainability in the UK textiles supply chain by WRAP, the report sets out what progress has been made in the second year of the Textiles 2030 initiative and where the challenges still lie. Get a quick overview of the key findings and action points using this handy Report Snapshot.
5 minute read

This report offers:

  • A 2021-2027 timeline of recent and proposed legislation.
  • Highlights the features of the Green Deal most relevant to the luxury and fashion sector.
  • Explains how the European Union Green Deal will affect the import of luxury products to the EU.
  • An overview of other relevant environmental, social and governance incoming legislation and trends.
  • An overview of greenwashing risks and applicable legislation.
  • Useful links and further resources.

It will help you to:

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