Podcast: Vestiaire Collective, Second Hand Is Not Second Best

Wardrobe Crisis is the podcast that unzips fashion's issues, presented by Vogue Australia's Sustainability Editor-at-Large, Clare Press. In it she interviews industry leaders to talk ethics, sustainability, and the business and madness of fashion - from who made your clothes to how they impact on the environment, to the politics of personal style.

This week we’re exploring one of my favourite ideas, which is that second hand is not second best. Whereas vintage was always cool for those in the know, until fairly recently plain second hand wasn’t always so welcome, but that has changed. 

Instagram is full of stylish people wearing secondhand designer gear. 30% of millennials shopped secondhand in the last three months, while WWD reports that the resale market could eclipse fast fashion within the decade. The new luxury secondhand sites ar…

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Clare Press

Sustainability Editor-at-Large at Vogue Australia