Circular Fashion

Making Rental More Sustainable - Hurr x Oxwash

Collaboration is at the core of the circular economy. Learn how peer-to-peer fashion rental platform, Hurr has partnered with sustainable laundry service, Oxwash to maximise both their impact goals.

Meet the businesses who want to get us all thinking about the environmental footprint of our wardrobes and are working together to make it easier for us to access more sustainable options. 

Why, when it comes to circularity, partnerships matter

British fashion rental service, Hurr are making it easier for women to extend the lifespan of the clothes in their wardrobes and UK laundry service, Oxwash, want their service to transform the way we care for what we wear. With Hurr’s rentals needing O…

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Gemma Metheringham

Creative Director/Founder at The Elephant in my Wardrobe