Circular Fashion

Lemon Jelly: The Footwear Company Turning Waste into Wealth

CO speaks to Lemon Jelly about their journey to launching a circular collection, the challenges they faced and how they have overcome these to forge ahead with an innovative business model.

Do or die

“We will be killed if we don’t make some change.” These are the words of José Pinto, CEO of Portuguese plastic footwear company Prolcalçado S.A. 

Heading up a plastic footwear company at a time when plastic pollution has become one of the most high profile ecological issues of our age is a challenge that this Portuguese family business decided to face head on. 

“There was the opportunity and a big problem to solve.” 

Right product, wrong time

This was not the first time that they…

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Melanie Plank

Director of Content & Research at Common Objective