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Introducing the CO x Small But Perfect Hub

Connect with project partners, SMEs and professionals from around the world through this Hub, and access resources and training as the project progresses. CO is a supporting partner for a cross Europe collaborative project, Small But Perfectly Formed (SBP). The project aims to accelerate the success of small and medium-sized businesses with sustainable and circular models.

Community support is crucial for the small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking to transition to new circular and sustainable business models. 

That’s because the status quo is a growth and profit-primacy mindset, one that doesn’t put the people and the planet first. A move away from the legacy business model requires resilience, resources and advice from those who have done it successfully or are on the journey. 

Connect with such change-makers on the Small But Perfect Hub on CO by joining the Small But Perfect Circle on CO.

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Who will you meet?

The hub is open to join for small and medium-sized businesses and fashion professionals across the globe.

Share your experiences with and learn from designers and brands, material and fibre producers, retailers and marketplaces, producers and suppliers, service providers such as rental and repair companies, fashion tech startups, material innovation labs, fashion media and communication professionals along with textile recycling and waste management companies.

What will you learn?

Members of the hub will access a library of tools and resources and workshops to level up circular and sustainable business models. 

Join the hub to receive email updates for new resource additions and event updates.

Coming up in 2022

Masterclasses  Attend case-study sessions with SMEs who have set up alternative business models that put people and the planet first. 

Virtual roundtables for knowledge exchange Participate in ongoing discussions about key industry developments and ask the community questions related to your business needs.

CO Training Credits Take bite-sized email training courses in sustainable business models and learn from people that successfully set up alternative business models.

Learning topics

(all focused on business models):

1. Social sustainability (starting in April 2022)

a.  Cooperative/profit share (worker owned) 

b.  Direct Impact (working on the ground, profits redistributed or reinvested into the people behind the product and the environment)

c.   Impact catalyst (working with a direct impact companies to access markets and catalyse sales)

2.  Environmental sustainability (starting September 2022)

a.  Upcycled

b.  Beyond ownership

c.  On demand (made to order) 

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