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How Indian Suppliers are Leading in the Face of Covid-19

We reached out to our Indian supplier community, who have been sharing stories of gritty determination as we collectively navigate our way through these tumultuous times.
Key Takeaways

Indian suppliers in the CO community are moving mountains to support their workers and innovate in the crisis, including:

  • Innovating on cost and product, and ensuring their workers are paid despite factory shutdowns
  • Securing Covid health insurance and access to vaccines for their workers
  • Supporting home-working and embracing upcycling during the pandemic 
  • Strengthening their partnerships with buyers to secure future orders and anticipate materials shortages 

Read on for their stories, how you can connect, and practical guidance on sourcing from India.  

India’s second wave of Covid-19 has been devastating. Since the upsurge in April, more than 26 million cases and over 300,000 deaths have been recorded, but experts say that the real on-ground numbers are several times higher. An overwhelmed health infrastructure, with hospital beds and oxygen for critical patients in short supply, has left people dealing with emotional, psychological or physical trauma.  

Domestic orders have disappeared, export orders are down by 50-70%, and raw material pri…

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Molshree Vaid

Project Consultant at Common Objective

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