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Report Snapshot: Eradicating Gender Based Violence and Harassment at Work

The Eradicating Gender Based Violence and Harassment at Work report by the Solidarity Center provides corporate responsibility professionals with actionable insights to combat workplace gender-based violence and harassment. Get a quick overview of the key findings and action points using this handy Report Snapshot.
5 minute read

The report offers:

  • An overview of the work of the Solidarity Center on gender-based violence and harassment in the work place.
  • Case studies of innovation happening across the world.
  • A focus on Intersectional issues and marginalised groups.
  • 10 action points to eradicate gender-based violence in the work place.

It will help you to:

  • Understand the issues and the work of the Solidarity Center.
  • Access country-by-country information on campaigns, marginalised groups and key partners an…

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