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CO Credit - Ethical Manufacture - Coming Soon

This CO Credit Training course will give participants an overview of the context to responsible manufacturing for fashion, including key issues and sourcing from different regions, how to build long term and fruitful partnerships, best practice drawing from case studies, and the business case for ethical manufacture. Complete a brief quiz at the end of the course to earn a CO Training Credit for you and your business and a boost to your business ranking on CO.

Fourteen million workers in fashion do not earn enough to live on and around 181 million are in precarious, insecure work. Yet fashion, when made well can be transformative for the people behind it - creating fulfilling jobs and sustainable livelihoods for thousands of workers. 

This course will equip you with information, resources, and knowledge to produce garments efficiently and ethically, whether you are working with existing supply chains or building new ones. 

Course outcomes:

Gain an understanding of:

  • The context of ethical garment manufacture, key issues, and sourcing from different regions

  • Working with suppliers - win-win partnerships  and responsible buying practices 

  • Best practice & the business case for manufacturing ethically  

This course is planned as part of the CO Training Credits Hub as we add to the range of courses available, in response to demand from the CO Community. 

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