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CO College Partnership: Inspire Your Students

Would you like to inspire your students to become ambassadors for sustainability when they graduate? Interested in giving them the knowledge, skills and training to really make a difference in their careers? Find out how, through Common Objective (CO) College Partnership.

On its current trajectory, the fashion industry will exceed GHG emissions targets to achieve a 1.5 degree warming pathway by over 1 billion metric tons (McKinsey 2020), and the industry already accounts for a fifth of the 300 million tons of plastic produced globally each year (Bloomberg, 2022). Students and graduates, as the next generation of fashion industry leaders, can change this - if empowered with the information, skills, and motivation to do so.

Common Objective (CO) is fashion’s largest sustainable sourcing and training database, matching over 60,000 professionals with award-winning resources, tools, and training courses supporting sustainability best practice, matched to users through personalised dashboards. 

CO College Partnership gives fashion colleges and students access to all of CO - including all PRO content, training, events, professional and business network, plus premium profiles to showcase their work and skills, as a part of a global network of change- makers. 

For busy tutors and course leaders, CO will support you through access to briefings, guidance, tools and training on all the key sustainability issues in the fashion industry and how to empower your students to address them.

CO College Partners also benefit from 2 dedicated online seminars/ student demo sessions on sustainable fashion topics each year, a dedicated account manager, and access to the CO Noticeboard, through which the college/ university can promote live project opportunities, student work, and course information to CO's global network.

Book a 30 minute call with the CO College Team to learn more about how we partner with colleges to empower and upskill students.

Book a call with the CO College Team 

“There is a huge opportunity for this platform.. it’s exactly what our students need.”  Renee Cuoco, London College of Fashion

CO College Partnership Includes:


1. Guidance and Training 

Full access to over 500 resources from best practice briefings to training and masterclasses, from circularity to biodiversity, microplastics to living wages, how to build a sustainability roadmap, fabric, material and sourcing innovation, and much more. Students gain "Training Credits" on their professional profiles for all training completed.

“CO is the most extraordinary resource to be inspired and inspire others” Cameron Saul, CO Founder, Bottletop

2. Access to a global community of change-makers

CO has 60,000 members representing 28,000 businesses, all committed to a common objective - fashion that works better for people - and the planet. Members include teams from global brands from H&M to the Kering Group, pioneering SME's from People Tree to Raeburn and Reformation, and thousands of fair trade and sustainable suppliers based all over the world. 

Professional circles allow your students to meet and connect with leaders and build their network. 

Live projects:  Find your partners for live student projects through CO. Promote your college and projects through the CO Noticeboard. Get involved with CO's partner projects such as “Crafted by Refugees” with UNHCR, which changes lives for refugees through connecting them with fashion brands and designers.

Sourcing: CO is the world’s largest sustainable supplier network and students can search and find companies willing to offer low fabric quantities through powerful search filters and CO Expo, as well as accessing practical guidance on sourcing best practice and fibres and fabrics

Book a call with the CO College Team 

"I am positively surprised and very thankful to be part of this amazing community” Student, University of Verona

3. Career Opportunities 

Through CO College Partnership, students can:

Showcase their work and portfolio: Share their work to a global professional fashion community through their CO profile, including thousands of recruiting companies.

Access job opportunities: Access job opportunities through the CO Noticeboard and build their professional network through CO.

Showcase Training Credits on their profile: CO College Partnership will give your students access to all CO Training Credit courses, giving them the skills that are most sought after by the CO business network, from sustainable sourcing and fabric knowledge, to strategy and circularity. For every training course completed, students benefit from a training credit on their individual profile

Book a call with the CO College Team 

“CO...is perfect for people with ambitions like mine” Nailah Ajmi, Student 

About Common Objective (CO)

Common Objective was created by the team behind the Ethical Fashion Forum, founded in 2006. Find out more about CO's activities and member base through our annual report.

“CO has being 'ahead of the curve' as part of its DNA. It's not an organisation. It's a movement.” Founder, Motif Handmade

Banner Image: CO Award winning brand Bav Tailor

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