An Introduction to Impact Business Models

CO has partnered with the Small but Perfect project to bring you a suite of resources on Impact - led business models. ​Today’s mainstream businesses largely operate within a model of profit-primacy - putting profits first, sometimes to the detriment of people and planet. In this article we introduce three alternative impact-led business models that disrupt the status quo and put people and planet first.

Visit the Small but Perfect Hub for more resources and case studies on impact business models.

There are many businesses that have set out to follow a model of mission-primacy. These businesses use their profit towards their mission. They are often led by women (over 50 percent in stark contrast to 8 percent of mainstream businesses), they are four times less likely to go bankrupt, and they work in accordance with the principles of mission-primacy over profit-primacy whilst retaining commerci…

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Jette Ladiges

Chief Executive at El Puente GmbH

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