Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries, and millions of garment workers face risk and live in poverty. Yet when fashion business is done well, it can be transformative for the people behind the product, and for their environment.

At CO, we’re inspired by the potential for great business to drive value for all. Sustainability to us means generating value in three dimensions (3D) - the “triple bottom line” - in which people, planet and profits are considered equally fundamental to business success.

The CO platform turns doing business better into an opportunity, rather than a cost. We support and reward our members for better practices. We want to make it easy for businesses everywhere to operate in 3D.

How does CO reward good sustainability practice?

1. Profile

By demonstrating sustainability commitments on your business profile, you stand to gain increased visibility on the site, and make more connections with potential customers.

2. Awards

Both individuals and businesses that show leadership in furthering sustainability in the fashion industry are eligible for the CO leadership awards. These increase profile and search rankings for their recipients.

Does CO verify members’ sustainability claims?

We are not an auditor or certifier – rather we focus on transparency. Our goal is to empower all of our users to make the best choices for their business.

However, we do:

  • require members to upload and/or link to documented evidence for certifications held, memberships, and policies
  • perform a proportionate quality control check on these
  • have a feedback mechanism allowing members to report concerns of sustainability claims to us.

A number of brilliant organisations and initiatives have created or are creating solutions to benchmark, measure, and communicate sustainability standards in the fashion industry. Our approach is to build win - win partnerships that will allow us to collaborate towards the common objective of a better fashion industry, rather than re-inventing the wheel.

Common Objective

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