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Anusha Mohan 

Consultant at Retail Consultancy


United States 


Federica Bertolani 

Consultant at EY




Nancy Reyes Mullins 

Strategic Advisor at Remake


United States 


Suzanne Campbell 

Sales manager at Casa Relief




Lorena Perdomo 

Director at Lorena Perdomo




Kim Boshoven 

Circular Material Manager at




Cherrilyn Lycah Baylon 

Export Consultant at Hinrich Foundation




Andrew Martin 

VP Services at amfori




Tristan Edmondson 

Senior Partner at Carnstone Partners LLP


United Kingdom 


Kristin Nerseth 

Educator at




Andy Redfern 

Consultant at Commvia


United Kingdom 


Rachel Whitlow 

Founding Partner at Clavis Partners, LLC


United States 


Tim Brenninkmeijer 

Consultant at PA Consulting


United Kingdom 


tridev singh 

self employed at self employed




Irina M 

Tailor at LAMMAY


United States 


ANDREA Merino Guevara 

Student at AMS

Promote Sustainable clothing 

Brussel, Belgium 


Boris Kaiser 

Projectmanager, PR & Communication at Sustainable Textile School

My CO is to help build an online community for edu... 

Chemnitz, Germany 


Adam Hughes 

Director at BLC Leather Sustainability


United Kingdom 


Vicky Ferrer 

Circular Strategy Consultant at The Buu Way




Shana McCracken 

Chair at Waste Prevention, Reuse & Repair Technical Council of CRRA


United States 

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