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Rosalia Nunez Duran 

Buyer at Primark




Kat Rosati 

Owner at London+Rae


United States 


Basak Kartal 

Production and Buying Manager at Mantis World

United Kingdom 


Ellie Fife 

Buyer at Yoga + Wellness products


United Kingdom 


Aurelie Samuel 

Entrepreneur at Gemstone Silver Jewelry


Hong Kong 


Mona Singh 

Fashion Director at Peace Accelarator


United States 


Norena Jansen 

Founder at Volve Unity


United Kingdom 


sylvia heisel 

creative director at Heisel

3D Printed Fashion 

New York, United States 


Renata Mliczak 

Co-founder at


United Kingdom 


Lisa Ognjanovic 

Owner at Elemental Barossa




Annabel New 

Buyer at Oxfam


United Kingdom 


Colleen Clandening 

CEO at Heywyre Enterprises




Hugh Hackett 

Owner at




Jacquie Ring 

Owner/Creative Director at Moesel Clothing


United States 


Katherine Vinson 

Aspiring Entrepreneur at Self


United States 


Dinesh Kumar 

General Manager at indyBlu




Will Morris 

Manager at Azurak

To create clothing from hand crafted natural fabrics 

Bristol, United Kingdom 


Gijs Spoor 

co founder at Seed to Self




Regina Sayles 

Owner/Buyer at Vous + Co


United States 


Kim Liu 

Supply chain manager at Fashion Infinity


United Kingdom 

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