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CO Expo 2022: The Programme

CO Expo 22 will take place online from the 9th - 11th March 2022. The programme combines masterclasses about the key issues of today and sustainable supplier showcases. Learn alongside the very best and connect with your next sustainable supplier.

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Day 1: Material Innovation

Wednesday 9th March

The leading sustainable fabric solutions shaping today and the future.

14.30 GMT: The Leading Edge: Be inspired by the latest sustainable materials innovation

16.00 GMT: Sustainable Materials Showcase: Find solutions to your fabric and material needs, get answers to your tricky sourcing questions

17.30 GMT: PRO MASTERCLASS: How to source sustainable fabrics and reduce climate impact without breaking the bank.  Learn from leading brands and suppliers

Day 2: Production Solutions 

Thursday 10th March

Factories and production units pioneering in sustainable apparel.

14.30 GMT: Impact pioneers: Find production partners that will work with businesses of all sizes - including meeting low MOQ

16.00 GMT: Impact at Scale: Find and connect with manufacturers at the forefront of best practice, offering a wide range of sustainable and ethical production solutions at scale.

17.30 GMT: PRO MASTERCLASS: How mindful manufacturing can reduce your carbon footprint, change lives, and keep costs down. Insider insights from brand -supplier partnerships that have done it.

Day 3: Sourcing Solutions

Friday 11th March

Solutions to meet your specific sourcing needs, from packaging to labelling, jewellery and accessories.

4.30 GMT: Packaging & Components: Find sustainable suppliers and learn latest best practice for packaging, labelling and components.

16.00 GMT: Jewellery & Accessories: Connect with suppliers leading the field in sustainable jewellery and accessories production.

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PRO Masterclasses

Gain insider learnings from experts - solve your sourcing challenges and upskill your team 

Our focus in 2022 is to help our members to meet the recommendations of the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, reduce climate impact, and achieve net zero. Fashion's impact on climate is accelerating. You can change that. Our masterclasses are designed to give you a roadmap.

Masterclasses are free for all PRO members of CO. Upgrade to any of our PRO packages for full access to all CO events, PRO content and training courses on CO. 

As a PRO business member, you can also access CO Create to find partners to create fashion collections through CO, and CO Noticeboards to promote products & services, jobs and events to the CO community, which now reaches 50,000 members. 

Use discount code EXPO15 for 15% off all annual upgrade packages - valid until 16th March 2022. 

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CO Expo 2021: Relive the Event

CO Expo 2021 took place from the 12th to the 21st July with 12 seminar and networking sessions. The event put the spotlight on the sustainable suppliers that are leading best practice, from fabrics, to packaging, production, luxury, low MOQ, and much more. Each virtual session included trends and intelligence related to the topic, followed by a Q&A with leaders in the field, an introduction to relevant suppliers, and the opportunity to meet suppliers and peers through curated break outs.

Watch the event recordings and access slides.

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